Choosing Retirement Villages

There is a saying that you can never be young but grow only older. There comes a time when a person reaches at an age where he or she thinks that they should now enjoy their rest of the lives without any responsibilities.

Of course when someone comes to an age of retirement many would think that they will be living alone and with no one to interact with however there are few places when one can choose to stay with all the luxuries found under one place.

For this to happen retirement villages is your next option as in they are the places where you can interact with someone who has the same understanding as you yet also be comfortable without any obligations to anyone.


Here we will tell you briefly on how you can choose retirement villages which can be within your reach and budget.


  1. The first thing to know is that can you even afford the place. When talking about retirement villages they are bit different compared to houses. They have certain costs added to them which can get a bit expensive plus your daily living expenses will also be included in it.

It is advisable that once you have decided to move into a village you should actually find other retirement villages also so that you can have some comparison on what others are offering and at what price are they offering.


  1. As we mentioned before that once you have decided to move in retirement villages and have assumed all the costs involved in it well then it is advisable that you also have a talk with your lawyer.

You see when getting a place in village like this you will come across many jargons and titles that will be presented in the contract and it can get very confusing very fast so by having a lawyer look at it can help you out significantly so that you can avoid a huge mistake. 

 3. There are few titles of legalities that you should know so that there is no ambiguity in future such as


  • Licence to occupy: it means that when you are opting for a place in a village you will be given a licence so that you can live there however do not confuse it for owning it.
  • Unit title: This ensures that you have a title to a unit that you own now and with that you also have a responsibility to maintain that place.
  • Cross lease: Now in this you have the rights to give away certain portion of your place to someone else and also letting them know that what part of portion will they be getting.
  • Lease for life: This tells us that you will be the owner of the said unit till the day you either leave the place or die.

 Once you have gone through these points only then you can choose retirement villages New Zealand for yourself as these brief points can be very useful, so if you are still on the look out for the villages well then just visit us at and have your dream place with us.